Project BookMover

Company's profile:
InnovatieAdviseurs is a company in the IT-market. InnovatieAdviseurs is driven by a team of young, dynamic and experienced specialists in a no-nonsense culture. InnovatieAdviseurs is part of a group of companies with a total of more than 25 colleagues.

Innovatieadviseurs is looking for talented and driven programmers, who are interested in developing software to facilitate trading of certain products over the internet.

We would like to develop software that tracks the price development of certain products. To be more specific, older products which fetch good prices on the market. In order to do this, we would need to crawl webpages of certain websites to gather information with regard to these products.

We would like to build a system to ascertain the monetary value of certain products. The price of the product depends on the physical qualities, the current demand and the current supply of the products. The aim of this project is to record data of this nature for a buyer/seller, so we can make informed decisions based on this data.

Three systems will be developed.
1. Warning system: the first system is a warning system that warns the user of certain events. For example, in the case when a product is found by the system that matches certain criteria (1000 euros, year) of a user is informed of its location.
2. Visual appliances: The second system plots the price development on graphs.
3. Search system: The third system is a search engine that finds certain products according to some criteria.

Interesting problems:
There are interesting challenges with regard to this project, for instance, how can certain products be grouped efficiently, especially products under different names? How can we determine the monetary value of a product by merely analyzing the supply and more importantly the physical qualities of it?

We are looking for…
  • Students who have a strong grasp of java
  • Students who like to learn and use different languages like python and erlang

We prefer…
  • Teamplayers
  • Students who like to take initiative
  • Students who have some affinity with techniques from the machine learning discipline

Desired student profile: HBO Informatics, WO Informatics,
WO Artificial Intelligence
Start placement: February 2009
Duration of placement: 3 to 6 months
Compensation: € 325,- per month/ 40 hours a week with a bonus with a successful completion
Contact person: Mrs. J. Jansen